Business Model

Our family business was originally established in 1894 as a 300 employee department store, operating in downtown Norfolk VA, and we have evolved in becoming, today, an independent manufacturer’s representative (sales and servicing) agency, known as United States Sales Corporation. We are focused solely upon maximizing consumer sales for our exclusive portfolio of 50-60 nationally branded manufacturers and selling exclusively to the U.S. Military Exchange System (a $9.36 Billion Resale Market as of 2020). Our agency employs 150 dedicated professionals who are dedicated to carry out our company’s mission to this global retail giant. We are Headquartered in Virginia Beach VA and in Dallas, TX.

We call upon and service all five (5) Military Exchange customers: AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service – Dallas, TX), NEXCOM (Navy Exchange Command – Virginia Beach, VA), MCX (Marine Corps Exchange System – Quantico, VA), CGX (Coast Guard Exchange System – Chesapeake, VA), and the VCS (Veterans Canteen Service – St. Louis, MO). This is essentially an esoteric channel of retail trade known as ‘Military Resale’, considered a part of ‘Special Markets’, with very defined objectives, and requiring a unique and comprehensive sales and marketing approach and commitment. We earn our income through commission payments, based on our manufacturers’ net shipments made directly to these Military Resale customers.

There are generally two or three Account Executives, in addition to their assistants, assigned to manage the development of each brand. We conduct all Headquarters product presentations and submissions, with the guidance and support of our manufacturer liaisons. We manage the execution of all in-store merchandising and POG compliance mandates, supporting the product replenishment initiative, providing store personnel training assistance, direct customer product demonstrations, in addition to other required support initiatives at store level. Our field sales team includes a comprehensive internal component to manage all field support operations, including our Zone Manager network, and the 140 field support personnel who are charged to frequent more than 200 Military Exchange doors, every one to four weeks, and within 16 countries. Our portfolio of brands and the numerous other strengths of our sales agency can be reviewed here on our website.

We hope this helps you to better understand the nature of our business, and the market place we are so proud to serve and support.