Corporate Values

INTEGRITY: We always tell the truth and we always do what we say we will do. Our word is our bond.

RESPECT: We treat every team member, customer, supplier and even competitor, with kindness and respect.

CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are never satisfied.We relentlessly evaluate how we can improve our brand sales, our service to our manufacturers and customers,our internal systems, and ourselves. We constantly improve our organization in each of these areas.

PASSIONATE / DEDICATED: We are committed to fulfilling the mission of our industry…to provide our customers with nationally recognized brands at the lowest possible costs. We are relentless in infusing our passion and dedication to our manufacturers with the sincere hope they will also demonstrate the same level of keenness to maximize their opportunities within this special market place.

INITIATIVE / CREATIVE: We will grow our business from the creativity of each of our team members. We value and challenge their open-mindedness and sales leadership qualities. Initiative creates opportunities and growth.

CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Our primary value is the success of our customers, even if it might not be the best solution for us. We strive to be their best and most wanted sales representative agency. We give them the best service we can give wherever our customers serve their country.

COMMERCIAL: All team members’ most important focus is the improvement of our sales performance for the vendors whom we are so proud to represent.

TEAM PLAYER: We are all servants to the team’s vision and goals. No person is more important to the team when we do what is necessary to help the team win. We will win! There is no ‘I’ in the word team!

POSITIVE: Every team member must infuse our team with positive energy; we do not tolerate anyone who drains our energy.

STRETCH / GROW: We pull team members up, and we push team members up. We show the flexibility when we are ourselves challenged, to make sure we stick together, stay the course, and create personal growth for each of us.

PRIDE: We take to heart that our organization serves the best customers in the world. We are indeed proud of the customers we serve, and we are proud of ‘our’ military service to them.

FUN: We love what we do and the impact we have on the success of our brands, our customers, and our industry!

We enjoy each step of our remarkable journey.